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Chevy Cruze

Compact Cars:

Chevrolet Cruze3.5 Star Rating

Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2015

Compared to many other small cars, the Cruze is heavier and offers a more solid feel. It's also has one of the best crash test ratings among compact cars. What are the common problems? Read our review.
Chevrolet Cruze3.5 Star Rating

Chevrolet Cruze 2016-2019

The 2016-2019 Chevy Cruze is a stylish roomy fuel-efficient compact car. It comes as a front-wheel drive sedan or hatchback that was added for 2017.
Chevy Sonic 3.5 Star Rating

Chevrolet Sonic 2012-2020

Chevrolet Sonic replaced the Aveo in 2012. It's the first subcompact built in the U.S. With its "fearsome" look and an available turbocharged engine, the Sonic adds excitement to the subcompact category.
Chrysler PT Cruiser 3.5 Star Rating

Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001-2010

A very few cars can compete with the PT Cruiser style in the sea of modern econoboxes. Classified in the U.S. as a truck, the PT Cruiser rides on a car-like front-wheel drive unibody platform.
Dodge Dart 3.5 Star Rating

Dodge Dart 2013-2016

Discontinued after 2016, this sporty compact is now rare and unique. Based on the expanded Alfa Romeo Giulietta platform, the Dart offers an American style with European handling.
Dodge Dart 3.5 Star Rating

Ford Focus 2000-2011

The 2000-2011 Ford Focus is a fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive compact available as a sedan, two- or four-door hatchback or wagon. It has a peppy engine and an independent rear suspension.
Honda Civic 4 Star Rating

Honda Civic 2001-2005

The 2001-2005 Civic comes as a four-door sedan or two-door coupe. The Civic handles well and has a sporty firm ride. It is good on gas, costs little to maintain and is easy to work on.
Honda Civic 4.5 Star Rating

Honda Civic 2006-2011

The 2006-2011 Honda Civic comes as a sedan or coupe. It's a popular fuel-efficient commuter. With good care it can easily last for over 300,000 miles. Maintenance and repair costs are low.
Honda Civic 5 Star Rating

Honda Civic 2012-2015

The Civic is famous for its low upkeep costs and a bulletproof engine. It's a sporty front-wheel drive compact, available as a sedan or coupe. The Civic offers a comfortable interior with a two-tier instrument panel with a digital speedometer.
Honda Fit 4 Star Rating

Honda Fit 2007-2008

The Honda Fit is a practical fun-to-drive subcompact. It's surprisingly roomy and has plenty of cargo space. If you want to haul tall objects, the rear seats flip up, so you can even fit a flat-screen TV in the second row.
Honda Fit 4.5 Star Rating

Honda Fit 2015-2020

The Honda Fit is a zippy fuel-efficient subcompact. It has a spacious interior with plenty of headroom. With the seats folded it offers 52.7 cu. ft. of cargo space, which is comparable to some SUVs. You can even fit a smaller bicycle without removing wheels.
Jeep Compass 3.5 Star Rating

Jeep Compass 2007-2016

The first-generation Jeep Compass is a compact crossover, a close relative of the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Patriot. The Compass is smaller than the Toyota RAV4 but taller than an average sedan or hatchback.
Mazda 3 4 Star Rating

Mazda 3 2004-2009

The first-generation Mazda 3 is a fun-to-drive peppy compact. The Mazda 3 has front-wheel drive and sport-tuned independent suspension. It rides on the same platform as the Ford Focus and Volvo S40.
Mazda 3 4.5 Star Rating

Mazda 3 2010-2013

The sporty 2010-2013 Mazda 3 comes as a sedan or hatchback, with a 2.0L or 2.5L 4-cylinder engine and manual or automatic transmission. The interior is stylish and nicely finished.
Mazda3 4.5 Star Rating

Mazda 3 2014-2018

The Mazda 3 fun to drive and good on gas. It offers the best powertrain in its class: the 2.0L or 2.5L Skyactiv 4-cylinder gasoline engine mated to a conventional 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.
Nissan Versa 3.5 Star Rating

Nissan Versa 2007-2011:

Small on the outside, roomy on the inside, the Nissan Versa is a compact fuel saver. It comes as a sedan or hatchback. Seats are comfortable and tall windows offer good visibility.
Pontiac Vibe 4 Star Rating

Pontiac Vibe 2003-2010

The Vibe is a product of joint venture between General Motors and Toyota. The Vibe is mechanically similar to the Toyota Matrix; it rides on the Toyota Corolla platform and is powered by a Toyota engine.
Toyota Corolla 4 Star Rating

Toyota Corolla 1998-2008

The Corolla is one of the budget wonders. It's a simple car that won't cost a lot to repair or to fill up. It handles comfortably and offers a smooth and quiet ride. With good care, it can easily last for over 200K miles.
Toyota Corolla 4.5 Star Rating

Toyota Corolla 2009-2013

The Corolla is known for its reliable, fuel-efficient 1.8L engine, simple roomy interior and soft ride. It's a comfortable little "workhorse" that you can count on. In the U.S. and Canada, it's only available as a 4-door sedan.
Toyota Corolla 5 Star Rating

Toyota Corolla 2014-2018

For years, the Corolla has been one of the best-selling cars, thanks to its reputation for reliability, a comfortable interior and smooth ride. The 2014-2018 Corolla sedan is larger than the previous generation and offers more interior space.
Toyota Matrix 4.5 Star Rating

Toyota Matrix 2003-2008

The Matrix is a tall wagon based on the popular Toyota Corolla. Inside, it's the definition of 'practical'. The upright front seats offer good visibility and easy entry/exit. Rear seats fold down flat, offering 53.2 cu. ft. of cargo space.
Toyota Matrix 5 Star Rating

Toyota Matrix 2009-2014

The Toyota Matrix is the most practical small wagon. Sharing its platform with the Corolla, the Matrix offers 49.4 cubic feet of flat cargo space covered with durable plastic. It's also one of the few small cars suitable for tall drivers.
Volkwagen GTI 4 Star Rating

2010-2014 Volkswagen GTI

This 200-hp hot hatch is a favorite of many driving enthusiasts and car fanatics. Despite its small size, the GTI holds the road extremely well. The driver's seat is super comfortable and the interior feels upscale.

Mid-size Cars:

Acura TL 4 Star Rating

Acura TL 2004-2008

The 2004-2008 Acura TL is a rare sporty sedan. It offers a strong V6 engine, sharp handling and an upscale interior. The TL scored well in the NHTSA frontal crash tests. The reliability is not bad, but there are a few things to watch out for.
BMW 3-series 4 Star Rating

BMW 3-series 2006-2011

Not many cars can match the style and driving experience of the BMW 3-series. It's a small sporty car with a strong engine riding on a classic rear-wheel drive platform.
Chrysler 200 4 Star Rating

Chrysler 200 2015-2017

The Chrysler 200 is a rare stylish upscale sedan. It handles well and the V6 power is amazing. The ride is smooth and quiet. A used Chrysler 200 is not very expensive compared to other sedans.
Honda Accord 3.5 Star Rating

Honda Accord 1998-2002

The 1998-2002 Honda Accord came as a 4-door sedan or 2-door coupe, with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine. The Accord's roomy cabin offers good visibility, easy-to-use controls and comfortable seats. The V6 Accord offers plenty of power.
Honda Accord 4 Star Rating

Honda Accord 2003-2007

The 2003-2007 Accord is a fun-to-drive roomy mid-size car. It scored well in the crash tests and offers a comfortable nicely-finished interior. The Accord comes as a front-wheel drive sedan or two-door coupe, with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine.
Honda Accord 4.5 Star Rating

Honda Accord 2008-2012

The Accord is one of the few sedans that offer an excellent driving experience, solid build quality, roomy cabin and top safety ratings. The Accord coupe is a hidden gem if you are looking for a sporty car.
Honda Accord 4.5 Star Rating

Honda Accord 2013-2017

The stylish 2013-2017 Honda Accord comes as a front-wheel drive coupe or sedan. It handles well and is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its class. Engine choices include a 2.4L inline-4 and 3.5L V6.
Mazda 6 3.5 Star Rating

Mazda 6 2003-2008

The first-generation Mazda 6 is a rare sporty mid-size car. The 6 comes as a sedan, hatchback or a sleek-looking wagon; with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine. Mazda 6 rides on the same platform as the Ford Fusion.
Mazda 6 4 Star Rating

Mazda 6 2009-2013

A very few family sedans can be described as "fun to drive" and Mazda 6 is one of them. The 6's optional 3.7L V6 engine tops most of the family sedans in horsepower and torque.
Mazda 6 5 Star Rating

Mazda 6 2014-2019

Unlike previous models that were produced in partnership with Ford, the third-generation Mazda 6 was developed in-house. It's a sleek sporty front-wheel drive mid-size sedan that is very good on gas.
Nissan Altima 4 Star Rating

Nissan Altima 2007-2012

The stylish Nissan Altima is a sporty, fun-to-drive mid-size sedan. It offers supportive seats, good visibility and comfortable driving position. The handling is sharp with a solid feel of the road.
Toyota Camry 4 Star Rating

Toyota Camry 2002-2006

The 2002-2006 Toyota Camry is a spacious mid-size family sedan. The Toyota Camry is best known for its smooth and quiet ride. The interior is roomy and comfortable with plenty of rear-seat space.
Toyota Camry 4.5 Star Rating

Toyota Camry 2007-2011

The Toyota Camry offers a roomy, comfortable interior and smooth and quiet ride. The 2007-2011 model (XV40) has front-wheel drive and comes only as a 4-door sedan; the Camry Solara coupe has been discontinued after 2008.
Toyota Camry 5 Star Rating

Toyota Camry 2012-2017

Famous for its smooth and quiet ride, the Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable family sedans. The Camry has front-wheel drive and comes with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine. Large doors and elevated seats make entry and exit easy.


Acura MDX4.5 Star Rating

Acura MDX 2007-2013

Acura is a luxury brand owned by Honda. Acura MDX is a relative of Honda Pilot. The second-generation MDX is a sporty mid-size 7-passenger SUV with an upscale interior and several high-tech features. The MDX has a 300-hp V6 engine and it's one of the few SUVs that are fun to drive.
Chevrolet Equinox4 Star Rating

Chevrolet Equinox 2010-2017

The Equinox is the 5-seater SUV with a comfortable interior and good highway fuel economy. It comes in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive trims, with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine.
Dodge Journey3.5 Star Rating

Dodge Journey 2009-2019

The Dodge Journey is a stylish 5- or 7-seater crossover. It offers a roomy interior and pleasant driving experience. Compared to many other similar vehicles, a used Dodge Journey is not very expensive.
Ford Edge4.5 Star Rating

Ford Edge 2007-2014

The Ford Edge is a mid-size, 5-seater crossover SUV you can enjoy driving. It shares its platform with its luxury twin Lincoln MKX, as well as the Mazda CX-9. The Edge offers a solid feel with sporty handling and a smooth ride.
Ford Escape3.5 Star Rating

Ford Escape 2008-2012

The Escape is one of the last small SUVs that still look like a truck. Its square shape provides excellent all-around visibility and interior space. It drives comfortably and is practical inside, which is why it was the best selling small SUV for many years.
Ford Escape3.5 Star Rating

Ford Escape 2013-2019

The third-gen Ford Escape is a sporty 5-seater compact SUV. It offers a solid road feel and a spacious, nicely-finished interior. The North American Ford Escape offers three different 4-cylinder engines and comes with front- or all-wheel drive.
Ford Explorer4 Star Rating

Ford Explorer 2006-2010

While the majority of today's SUVs are car based, the 4-th generation Ford Explorer is the real body-on-frame truck. It offers a roomy interior and a super comfortable ride.
Honda CR-V3.5 Star Rating

Honda CR-V 1997-2001

Honda CR-V (Comfortable Runabout Vehicle) is a compact lightweight car-based SUV with a four-wheel independent suspension. The combination of reasonable fuel economy, practical interior and cargo space made the CR-V one of the most popular compact SUVs.
Honda CR-V4 Star Rating

Honda CR-V 2002-2006

The second-generation Honda CR-V offers a roomy and functional interior, car-like handling and good fuel economy. Inside, the CR-V feels surprisingly roomy for a small SUV. A tall driving position provides a commanding view of the road.
Honda CR-V5 Star Rating

Honda CR-V 2007-2011

It's a 5-seater SUV that combines fuel economy and practicality in a well-rounded package. Thanks to its simplicity and proven tech, it can outlast many newer SUVs with proper care. For the same reason, it holds its value well.
Honda CR-V4.5 Star Rating

Honda CR-V 2012-2016

The 2012-2016 Honda CR-V is a 5-seater known for its practical design; it comes with a 4-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission. For the 2015 model year, the CR-V got a facelift, with a new Earth Dreams engine and a CVT transmission.
Honda CR-V4.5 Star Rating

Honda HR-V 2016-2022

The Honda HR-V is a compact crossover with a coupe-like styling. It is smaller than the Honda CR-V and offers a bulletproof 1.8-liter engine and a CVT automatic or a manual transmission. The rear "Magic Seat" folds down and flips up allowing for multiple cargo configurations.
Honda Pilot4.5 Star Rating

Honda Pilot 2009-2015

The Honda Pilot is one of the best people movers you can find. It's also one of the few truck-like SUVs. The Pilot seats 8 with three rows of seats and has a roomy, well-equipped interior with plenty of storage options. It comes with a strong V6 engine and is available with front- or all-wheel drive.
Jeep Cherokee3 Star Rating

Jeep Cherokee 2014-2020

After the 2009 bankruptcy, the "New Chrysler," now called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles or FCA, decided to place more bets on its iconic Jeep brand. SUVs were becoming more popular, so FCA came up with the new Jeep Cherokee, which is a car-based crossover.
Jeep Patriot3.5 Star Rating

Jeep Patriot 2007-2017

It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand. The Patriot is a car-based SUV, but its truck-like shape and iconic Jeep look made it stand out. It's also one of the most affordable compact SUVs.
Mazda CX-34 Star Rating

Mazda CX-3 2016-2021

The CX-3 is a practical, reliable small SUV. It's fuel efficient and easy to maintain. The risk of the engine or transmission going bad is small. The Mazda CX-3 scored overall 5-star rating from NHTSA.
Mazda CX-54.5 Star Rating

Mazda CX-5 2013-2016

Mazda CX-5 is a practical 5-seater SUV. It offers a solid powertrain and sporty handling. It's also one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs. The CX-5 comes with a 4-cylinder engine and a proven six-speed automatic transmission in FWD or AWD variants.
Mazda CX-94.5 Star Rating

Mazda CX-9 2007-2015

This stylish seven-seater is not only roomy and practical, but sporty and fast. The 3.7L V6 propels the CX-9 from 0 to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds. Despite its size, the CX-9 handles like a heavy sports sedan, and offers a smooth and refined ride.
Mazda Tribute3 Star Rating

Mazda Tribute 2008-2011

The Mazda Tribute has been developed in association with Ford and is a mechanical twin of the Ford Escape. The 2008-2011 Tribute is available with front- or four-wheel drive and is powered by a Mazda 4-cylinder or Ford V6 engine.
Nissan Murano3 Star Rating

Nissan Murano 2003-2007

When the 2003 Murano came out in 2002, its large wheels and futuristic styling made it stand out from the crowd. Nissan calls it the "Urban SUV"; its name originates from Murano glass, a famous product of the Venetian island of Murano.
Nissan Murano3.5 Star Rating

Nissan Murano 2009-2014

The Murano is a premium mid-size 5-seater SUV with an upscale interior and many high-end features. The Murano not only looks good, but offers a comfortable, quiet driving experience.
Nissan Pathfinder3.5 Star Rating

Nissan Pathfinder 2013-2020

The 2013-2020 Pathfinder is a comfortable, roomy seven-seat SUV with a responsive engine and a variety of available features. Unlike the previous truck-based Pathfinder, this fourth generation, known as R52, is built on a car-based platform.
Nissan Rogue3 Star Rating

Nissan Rogue 2008-2013

The Nissan Rogue is a practical fuel-efficient 5-seater SUV with a good engine. The only transmission choice is a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The Rogue is one of the most fuel-efficient all-wheel drive vehicles on the used car market.
Nissan Rogue4 Star Rating

Nissan Rogue 2014-2020

The 2014-2020 Rogue is is powered by a dependable 4-cylinder engine and comes with front- or all-wheel drive. It offers a spacious interior, comfortable driving experience, good gas mileage and great visibility. The CVT is the only part we don't like.
Subaru Forester3.5 Star Rating

Subaru Forester 2003-2008

No other SUV can compete with the Forester when it comes to a comfortable ride, fuel economy and excellent visibility. The Suby offers a 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed 'boxer' engine and standard all-wheel drive. Subaru all-wheel drive system is one of the best.
Subaru Forester4 Star Rating

Subaru Forester 2009-2013

The Subaru Forester is a tall compact SUV with standard all-wheel drive. Thanks to its upright shape, the Forester offers a spacious interior and excellent all-around visibility. It's powered by a flat-4 "Boxer" 2.5L engine mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.
Subaru Outback4 Star Rating

Subaru Outback 2005-2009

During the increased interest in SUVs in the 90s, Subaru had no SUV in its lineup. Subaru came up with the stylish Outback, which is a more rugged Subaru Legacy with added ground clearance. The name "Outback" means Australian backcountry.
Subaru Outback4 Star Rating

Subaru Outback 2010-2014

Pick a spot on the map, pack it up and go! Standard all-wheel drive, roomy cargo area and standard roof rack system with swing-in crossbars make the Outback perfect for biking, kayaking or camping. Another pluses are comfortable spacious interior, pleasant ride and decent highway fuel economy.
Subaru Outback4.5 Star Rating

Subaru Outback 2015-2019

The Outback is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and this generation is no different. The Subaru Outback comes with a flat "boxer" 4- or 6-cylinder engine and standard all-wheel drive. The interion offers a classy dashboard design, comforable seats and ample cargo space.
Toyota Highlander4.5 Star Rating

Toyota Highlander 2001-2007

The 2001-2007 Highlander is a mid-size SUV riding on the Toyota Camry platform. It offers good handling and soft quiet ride. The third-row seat option is available in the 2004 and newer models. Engine choices included the 3.0L V6 (3.3L V6 from 2004) or 2.4L inline-4.
Toyota Highlander5 Star Rating

Toyota Highlander 2008-2013

The Toyota Highlander is a dependable family hauler. It offers a very smooth and quiet ride, roomy interior and a strong V6 The Highlander comes as a 5 or 7-seater, with front- or all-wheel drive.
Toyota RAV44 Star Rating

Toyota RAV4 2001-2005

The name RAV4 stands for Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel-drive. The RAV4 is available with front- or all-wheel drive. What is unique about this vehicle is that it has an optional full-time AWD system with a viscous limited-slip center differential.
Toyota RAV44.5 Star Rating

Toyota RAV4 2006-2012

The RAV4 is known for its practicality and comfortable car-like driving experience. Toyota's best-selling SUV is a popular choice on the used car market. It's a roomy compact car-based SUV available with a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder or a strong V6 engine.
Toyota RAV45 Star Rating

Toyota RAV4 2013-2018

The Toyota RAV4 is a popular 5-seater SUV with a spacious interior and comfortable driving experience. It comes with a 4-cylinder engine and a proven conventional 6-speed automatic transmission. Except for some minor issues, it's very reliable.
Toyota Venza5 Star Rating

Toyota Venza 2009-2015

The Toyota Venza is a stylish, roomy 5-seater crossover with large wheels. The Venza comes with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine, with front- or all-wheel drive. The name Venza is a combination of the words "venture" and "Monza," a city in Northern Italy famous for its race track, Autodromo Nazionale Monza.