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Author, Vlad Samarin Author Bio: This site started out as a personal blog by Vlad Samarin in 2001, where he shared some of his expertise on car buying and maintenance. Vlad Samarin is an avid car enthusiast. Since the 90's and after Vlad moved to Canada in 2001, he has changed over 60 personal vehicles, all of which he maintained and repaired himself.

ASE Master Automobile Technician certificate, Vlad SamarinFor many years, he worked as a professional automotive technician, including many years of experience at several new car dealerships. He received regular trainings from car manufacturers and keeps his certifications current.

Vlad has personally rebuilt close to 100 engines. He specializes in electronics and computer diagnostic. ASE Master Automobile Technician certificate, Vlad Samarin He also routinely helps friends, relatives and other people with car buying process as well as with car maintenance and repair questions.

Vlad has the ASE Master Automobile Technician certificate (exp. 2027). He also holds Canadian Automotive Technician 310S license with Red Seal (current) and ODP certificate.

ASE Master Automobile Technician certificate, Vlad Samarin Over the years, the site kept growing and turned into a popular online resource for car buyers and owners. We regularly add reviews of popular used cars, highlighting pros and cons, as well as giving pointers when buying one or the other particular vehicle. Vlad Samarin at Toronto Autoshow Another topic is car maintenance. We have written a number of articles on car care and troubleshooting and we'll continue adding new materials.
Samarins.com has been featured in New York Times, Newsday, Reader's Digest Canada. Our goal is to help our readers and provide advice and useful information on cars and car maintenance and repair.

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