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Best used cars to buy in 2020

Winter driving

When it comes to a pre-owned vehicle, what makes a good car? No, it's not the price or the number of features. A good used car should serve you well over the long term and should not cost a lot to maintain or repair. This means that as a minimum, a good used car should have a solid powertrain. With this in mind, and based on our inside knowledge, we picked several cars.

Ford Edge 2007-2014

Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a mid-size, 5-seater crossover SUV. It rides on a car-based platform shared with its luxury twin Lincoln MKX, as well as Mazda CX-9. The Edge offers a solid feel with sporty handling and a smooth ride. The 2011 and newer Ford Edge Sport with a 3.7L V6 is one of the quickest SUVs. A used Ford Edge is not very expensive, but is it a good choice?

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When we review cars, we not only see how they drive and test features, we look deeper. We check mechanical components, research the engines, common problems and in some cases even speak to mechanics that work on these cars.

Used Car Reviews

Used car reviews

Looking for a used car?

Our used car reviews include problems and fixes, pros and cons, engine overview, fuel economy, model years to avoid and tips on what to look for when inspecting a used car

Used SUV Reviews

Used SUV

Reviews of popular SUVs

Popularity of SUVs and crossovers is growing, giving used car buyers plenty of choices. Read about problems, years to avoid, fuel economy and info on engines and AWD systems.

How different car parts and sensors work

Starting system, starter motor

Guides for car owmers

Car care

Guides for Car Owners

You depend on your car to get where you are going and your car depends on you. It starts and runs every day thanks to your efforts to maintain it. It's not too difficult to keep your car in good shape. Read our car maintenance checklist with photos, learn how to troubleshoot why a car won't start. Read what can cause your Check Engine light to come on and what Check Engine trouble codes mean. Read how to wax your car and touch up stone chips.

Used car buying guide

Car buying

Guides for used car buyers

Having a car means freedom because you can drive anywhere you want. Buying a used car means financial freedom, because it's cheaper and you can pay it off sooner. You can have a nice set of wheels and no monthly car payments to worry about. The key is to find a car that has a great reputation for reliability and check it carefully. You want a car that is in good mechanical condition. How much money do you need to buy a used car?