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This site started out as a personal blog by Vlad Samarin in 2001, where he shared some of his knowledge on car buying and maintenance. Vlad Samarin is an avid car enthusiast. Since the mid-eighties he has changed close to 60 vehicles, all of which he maintained and repaired himself. He worked as a professional auto mechanic for a number of years. He also routinely helps friends, relatives and other people with car buying process as well as with car maintenance and repair questions. Vlad holds an ASE Master Certification and a bachelor of electronics engineering degree.

With an extensive experience in various aspects of the automotive business, from rebuilding engines and transmissions to computerized diagnostics, from auto body repair to painting and detailing, he's done it all. Over the years, the site kept growing and turned into a popular online resource for car buyers and owners. We regularly add reviews of popular used cars, highlighting pros and cons, as well as giving pointers when buying one or the other particular vehicle. Another topic is car maintenance. We have written a number of articles on car care and troubleshooting and we'll continue adding new materials. You can contact us using the contact form.

Copyright Information: We do use some editorial materials and photos supplied by third-party, most often auto manufacturers. With the exception of such materials, all articles and photos at our website is copyrighted property of and are protected by US and International copyright laws. No materials from this website can be republished or reprinted without permission. However you may download content for your own personal, noncommercial use.