For Car Owners

Top 10 Car Maintenance tips

Adding oil to the engine

What your car needs

How to extend the life of your car. How to prevent problems and save money on repairs. Read our top 10 car maintenance tips every car owner should know

Easy car maintenance checklist

Checking tire pressure

What needs to be checked regularly

It takes just a few minutes to check major items in your car. Find out how to check and top up engine oil and transmission fluid, how to check the tire pressure, air filter, battery and more

Car exterior care

Car exterior care

Paint care, scratches and chips, rust

How to keep your car shiny and protect the paint, how to wax and polish, how to remove scratches, wash off bird droppings, how to repair stone chips and other car care tips

How to clean car interior

Cleaning car interior

Interior care

A clean interior doesn't just look great, it's also better for your health. How to clean the carpet, fabric and leather seats and how to get rid of musty smell from the air conditioner

Why "check engine" light comes on

Check Engine light

Frequently asked questions and tips

If your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light comes on, it means that your car's computer has detected a fault that may affect your fuel economy and emissions

Maintaining your transmission

Checking transmission fluid

What your transmission needs

How to prevent transmission problems, checking transmission fluid level and when to change the transmission fluid

Preparing a car for a trip

Long car trip

Checklist, emergency kit

A long trip could be very demanding on your car and even a small problem can cause many troubles when on the road. Read what needs to be checked before a trip

Why a car won't start

Car care

Troubleshooting a no-start

Once in a while almost every motorist has to face this problem: a car won't start. Read what are the common reasons and what needs to be checked

Engine maintenance

Car care

Keeping your engine running

The engine is the heart of your vehicle; to run day in and day out without troubles it needs to be regularly maintained. Learn what your engine needs and what can cause problems

Download an owner's manual

Owner's manual

Owner's manual in PDF format

Your owner's manual contains plenty of useful information. If you don't have an owner's manual, many manufacturers allow you to download an electronic version

Automotive glossary

Timing belt

Automotive glossary

Want to know what your mechanic is talking about? What is a thermostat, timing belt or a vent valve? Check out our automotive glossary